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If your reading this, then you probably just got ripped off or are about to be. Don't feel bad hundreds' of people fall for sales their presentation every day.

It all starts with their '' body snatchers '' promising free gifts, free or discounted tours , free anything just to get you to their 90 min promotion . Some even ask you to pay them a deposit ( 100% refundable ) sighting, it's to make sure you sincere. Now they got you on the hook! They have your money and you want your free gifts.

So you show for ( 90 min. ) presentation. They then take you for lovely breakfast in a beautiful resort, after that they take you on a tour of place, showing you the great amenities and happy people enjoying their timeshares. All the this time your guild is sizing you up, figuring out how much traveling you do, how much money you have et After that you are convinced this a legitimate place and would use your hard earned money to buy into it or as they say '' invest '', investing would suggest it has value.

Now they put you in a room with lots of people, buying , selling and trading timeshares. Using several high pressure sales tactics. But your not completely convinced enough to buy or if you could afford it. All of a sudden the price starts dropping, still not convinced.

Well have they got a deal for you, just because they '' like you ''. This just came in, someone is up grading their membership ( they must be happy with program ) and they can offer it to you, but only available to you today only. Won't be available tomorrow - first of all this suggest not only that they buy back timeshares, but that they have value. Secondly this deal won't be offered again and you don't want to miss out on a good deal.

Well a good deal if you actually got something for your money. Now you still have some reservations. That's when they say you can cancel under Mexican law. Don't tell you what you really have to do in order to cancel it legal, All you have to do is call and cancel ( NOT TRUE ).

Yes you have legal right to cancel and receive full refund. But under Mexican laws, you only have ( 5 ) days to cancel or it becomes legal contract. They have several tactics to prevent you from doing this. Now your locked in they refuse to resin contract and your obligated to pay or they can file law suite for full amount contract.

If by you still haven't figured out the whole thing is a '' SCAM''. They have all kinds of special deals and up grades for you to throw your money away on. Still not convinced you are being ripped off. Well just try using some of those ''weeks'', discounted travel or merchandise.

What you will get is something that is not what was described too you, something that is not the value of what you paid. What they say is discounted is actually marked up and your discount is applied to it, and still cost more then it is worth. So you finely figured it out, now what! They won't let you out of your contract and you are obligated to pay.

Sell, rent, or donate. Remember it has no value, who would buy it, rent it or even want it donated to them. NO ONE, but there is someone, usually suggested by them, that will sell-rent it for you at a small fee. They take your money and then claim that they now can't sell-rent your weeks.

Another one of many scams they run. You are still obligated to pay maintenance fee, transfer fee, usage fees, management fees, annual renewal fees , subscription fees etc. etc. Where does it end.

By now you just want out of contract and all those fees for nothing!!! What do you do now! They have companies that will get you out of your contract. ***, if your *** enough to pay all that money for nothing, Image what you would pay to get rid of it.

Another scam they run. Now your not buying a timeshare, your trying to save your credit and not be sued.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vida Lifestyle Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Being screwed.

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Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1138141

We are very happy with our Mayan timeshare. We've had it for 16 years and recently upgraded.

But I caution people NOT to believe ANYTHING sales people tell you. If you really want a Mexican timeshare this is probably the best. FORGET about any sales pitches about selling extra weeks etc. it's all bull.

Just get the best price and enjoy but forget anything else.

Anything they offer as incentives are useless. As I said negotiate the best price then enjoy their fabulous resorts.

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